Skyypilot Bio:

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
- From "The Road Not Taken"- Robert Frost.
Yes, it's a long and lonely path, but highly rewarding in the end...

I recorded and produced seven albums for Spiral Rhythm and "The Balance"-by Heather Jinmaku in the early 2000's. In the midst of that, I ended up joining Spiral Rhythm (our daughter Kerri's band), and Moonstruck (fronted by my friend and mentor, the late Steve Collins). In addition, we formed Skyypilot, featuring Kerri and my wife, Beth (vocals), Ric Neyer (also of Spiral Rhythm) (percussion, vocals), Larry Tracy (bass), Steve "Tuna" Fortuna (drums), and myself (guitar, vocals). We recorded two albums- "Taking Off" (2003), and "Under the Radar" (2004).

For a couple of years, any time all three bands were on the same bill, I played them in succession! When Larry Tracy left the band; Jon Skoglund (percussion, vocals) stepped in to record "Wild Green Yonder"(2006).

Since then, I retained the Skyypilot name, recording "Klondike" (2009), "Interstellar Sideshow #13" (2010),
"From an Empty House on B Street" (2011), "God and Country" (2013), "Truth to Power" (2015), "Buckle Up, Buttercup" (2015), "Klondike" remixed-remastered (2017), "Klondike" (Instrumental) remixed-remastered (2017), and "Songs in the Night" (2017). Onward and upward...

"A work of art must make the rules: rules do not make a work of art...I tell people I am not a musician; I work with rhythms, frequencies, and intensities... Tunes are merely the gossips of music..." - Edgard Varese.
I'm there! Thank God!
-Mark Witters-

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  • Outlier Suite

    Skyypilot's "Outlier Suite" is over 17 minutes, culminating in the single "Walk Away". It is what it is... From the 2018 album-"Outlier". © 2018 J. Mark Witters.

  • What's in Your Heart

    Remixed and remastered from the 2015 Skyypilot album - "Truth To Power".
    © 2015, 2018 J. Mark Witters

  • Down On B Street

    "Down On B Street" is from the 2011 album - "From An Empty House On B Street"
    ©2011, 2018 J. Mark Witters

  • Clouds

    Remastered from Skyypilot's 2011 "From An Empty House On B Street" album. Vocals by Kerri Hirch-Upton and Beth Witters. ©2011, 2018 J Mark Witters.

  • Wizard

    From the 2010 Skyypilot album "Interstellar Sideshow #13".
    © 2010, 2018

  • Galactic Freak

    From the Remastered 2009 Skyypilot album "Interstellar Sideshow #13".
    © 2009, 2017

  • Interlude-Unquenchable Dream

    From the upcoming Skyypilot album "Outlier".
    © 2018 J. Mark Witters

  • Space Drums

    From the Remastered 2009 Skyypilot album "Interstellar Sideshow #13".
    © 2009, 2017

  • Frozen Footprints

    From the upcoming Skyypilot album "Outlier".
    © 2018 J. Mark Witters

  • They'll Be Comin

    From the 2013 Skyypilot "God and Country" album.
    © 2013, 2018 J. Mark Witters

  • Unforgotten

    "Unforgotten" is from the upcoming Skyypilot album "Outlier".
    © 2018 J. Mark Witters

  • Songs In The Night

    "Songs In The Night" is the video of Skyypilot's 11th album with the same title, released in 2017. Songs included: Clearly, Other People's Money, Enigma, Synthi, Government School, Wham Jam, and Homecoming.
    Get a free download of the whole album on
    © 2017 J. ...

  • Haloed By Persistence

    From the upcoming Skyypilot album "Outlier".
    © 2018 J. Mark Witters

  • Klondike (Remixed-Remastered)

    Beth and Mark Witters (Skyypilot) present a musical documentary about the Klondike gold rush of 1898.
    A remixed and remastered version of Mark Witter's original 2009 release.